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Aug 08, 2008· The 2003 IRC is a little vague (a footnote to table R602.3(1) says that all nails are smooth-common, box, or deformed shanks except where noted). The 2006 IBC is a lot clearer - it specifies that all 16d nails are commons, even including the shank diameter and length. It also offers alternative nailing for typical gun nail sizes (like .131"x3").

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16d 3 45 1-3/4 61 20d 3-1/2 28 2" 58 Nails Per Pound Note Counts are approximate and will depend on gauge of shank of each nail. HDG nails have slightly less nails per pound due to galvanizing Other nail types and counts available on request or consult Tree Island Nails Product catalogs Average Number of

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Jan 07, 2021· An 8d nail, for example, cost 8 pennies for 100. Today, the penny system refers specifically to nail length. A 2d nail is 1 inch long, for example, while a 16d nail is 3 1/2 inches long. Each higher number in the penny system represents a 1/4-inch length increase, up to a 12d nail …

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Withdrawal resistance for smooth-shank nails can be either calculated using the 2012 NDS nail withdrawal function or one can refer to the 2012 NDS Table 11.2C, which provides withdrawal design values for smooth-shank nails (common and box nails and common wire staples).


Box nails have a smaller shank diameter than common nails of equivalent pennyweight. The head diameter of box nails is larger than that of common nails for sizes less than 10d, is the same for the 10d to 16d sizes and is smaller for sizes 20d and larger (70). Nail Specifications. The requirement that nails

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A 16d common nail is 3½" long and 0.162" in diameter – shear strength is 134 pounds. A 16d box nail is 3½" long and 0.135" in diameter – shear strength is 93 pounds. The shear strength of the 16d common is 30% greater than that of the 16d box nail, so size does matter.

What is the shear strength of a 16d nail?

Jun 29, 2020· Keeping this in consideration, what is the shear strength of a 10d nail? 10d Box nails = 0.128" diameter worth 76 pounds per Code.10d Common nails = 0.148" diameter worth 94 pounds per Code.. Similarly, how much stronger is a screw than a nail? Another benefit of screws is their resistance to withdrawal pressure, or the tendency of surfaces to pull apart.

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A 16d nail, however, is 1/4 inch longer than a 12d nail. Starting with 20d, the nail lengths go up 1/2 inch with each multiple of 10. Box nails are lighter and smaller. These nails range from 1 to 5 inches long and from 2d to 40d. The largest head diameter on a box nail …

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wood. The shanks are lighter than "common" nails but heavier than "box" or "coolers", and they are slightly shorter, by penny weight, than a common nail. The idea being, you could easily drive them deeper than other nails and that the shank would thus penetrate further than if using a flat head nail, like a common, box or cooler nail.

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The nail size chart below shows how they stack up against each other. Nails to use for Framing. 8 and 16d coated sinkers provide 95% of your needs in framing. Most framers prefer to use 16d nails for framing 2x lumber including walls. If you walk in to Home Depot you might see boxes of nails labeled "16d common", "16d sinker", or "16d short ...

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Jun 08, 2017· Re: Common nails Vs sinkers. Comparing nails to nails can be like comparing apples to oranges. A 10d common has the same diameter (0.148)as a cement coated 16d sinker and has the same shear values. A 10d common has a length of 3 inches and a 16d sinker has a length of 3 1/4 inches and are "usually" interchangeable.

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Apr 04, 2006· The IBC nailing schedule is based on "common" or "box" nails. The structural panel shear wall and diaphragm shear tables are based on "common" nails. Simpson hardware is based on "common" nails (or 1-1/2" nails). Why would any air gun or nail manufacturer try to or need to deviate from a "common" nail? Any input on this issue would be appreciated.

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Box vs. Common Nails. Lateral strength is largely a function of a nail's diameter and the density of the type of wood into which the nail is driven. For example, 10d and 12d nails have the same diameter and the same lateral strength in each type of wood. Common nails are stronger than box nails because of their greater diameter (below).

Shear Walls: common vs. galvanized box nails

A 10d galvanized box nail and a 10d common have approximately the same diameter. And, yes the galvanizing has sufficient thickness to qualify. A 10d plain box nail is smaller in diameter than an 8d common. Just add confusion think about "sinkers" which are probably the most common job site nail. A 16d sinker and a 10d common have the same ...

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Allowable withdrawal load or force for a common nail or spike driven into side grain perpendicular to the fibers of seasoned wood (or wet unseasoned wood) can be estimated as. F = 1380 SG 5/2 D (1) . where . F = allowable withdrawal load or force per inch of penetration (lb/in). SG = specific gravity of oven dry wood D = diameter of nail or spike (inches)

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Aug 12, 2020· 16d common nails = 3-1/2″ x 0.162″ diameter, they are not suitable for used in high humidity or exposed areas as they will rust. 16d sinker nails = 3-1/4″ x 0.148″ diameter, the physical sizes are close to that of 16d common nails, but the top of the sinker nails has a pattern or coating, which provides a nonslip surface for the hammer ...

Common Wire Nail Size – From 2D to 60D

Common Nails With Different Lengths and Wire Gauges Nail size is called a "penny", e.g. "a 6-penny nail". And now penny size is simply denoted by the letter "d".

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May 22, 2012· * 16d common nail .162" 138 lb. 134 lb. 40 lb. * 16d sinker .148" 115 lb. 112 lb: Not listed in table. * 16d box (nail gun) .131" 95 lb. 93 lb. 33 lb. * #6 screw .138 : 71 lb. 70 lb. 141 lb ...

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16d Common Nails. 6 products. Select common nails for heavy-duty projects like building a structural panel shear wall from wood insulated panels. Grainger offers the common nail in two finishes so you can do the job right. Galvanized nails resist corrosion; plain steel nails are ideal for interior structural panels. View More.

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Apr 11, 2021· 16d, 10d, 8d, 6d are the common nails are used in framing. Keep in mind; these common nails for framing are categorized mainly into four types – common, box, cooler, and sinker. Common size nails for framing have the most substantial diameter shank than others. The heavy shank allows a common nail to carry the heavy structural load.

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Types of nail include: Aluminum nails – Made of aluminum in many shapes and sizes for use with aluminum architectural metals; Box nail – like a common nail but with a thinner shank and head; Brads are small, thin, tapered, nails with a lip or projection to one side rather than a full head or a small finish nail. Floor brad ('stigs') – flat, tapered and angular, for use in fixing floor boards

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A 2d (penny) common nail is 1" long. Each 1d (penny) is assumed to be an increase of 1/4" of length up to a 16d (3 1/2"). After 16d, nails jump to 20d (4") and increase in length by 1/2" by multiples of 10 (20d, 30d, 40d etc.) Nails longer than 6", are correctly referred to as …

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Changing this setting will alter the functionality of this site and your user experience could be diminished. Accept & Continue. I wish to block cookies. Alternative Items (2) SKU: 0229209. 5Lb Box 16D 3-1/2" 8Ga Bright Common Nail. Manufacturer. Fastenal Approved Vendor. Online Price: $27.08 / box.

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16d Common -- -- 16d (0.162) x 3-1/2 4.11 88.9 250 1.11 230 1.02 20d Common -- -- 20d (0.192) x 4 4.88 101.6 323 1.44 296 1.32 2-1/2˝ Common Spiral -- -- 8d (0.110) x 2-1/2 Spiral Shank 2.77 63.5 139 0.62 130 0.58 3˝ Common Spiral -- -- 10d (0.122) x 3 Spiral Shank 3.10 76.20 163 0.73 151 0.67

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