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Feb 12, 2013· Simply like Treviore said, active pickups are more capable of handling a passive DI then passive pickups are. While it is better for passive pickups to be loaded with an active DI, active pickups also get additional benefit. Somewhat true. In most cases, yes really high can be a good thing.

How to Choose a DI: Active vs. Passive - YouTube

Mar 16, 2018· For an in-depth look at choosing active or passive direct boxes, please check out the free guide on our blog:

DI-Box: Funktion, aktiv vs. passiv, Anwendungsbeispiele ...

DI-Box. Funktion & Aufbau + aktiv vs. passiv + Anwendungsbeispiele. Eine DI-Box eignet sich zum Anschluss von einem Instrument/Gerät, das ein unsymmetrisches Audiosignal ausgibt, an ein Gerät mit einem symmetrischen Eingang. Das trägt dazu bei, dass störende Geräusche wie Brummen eingedämmt werden. Vor allem mit langen Kabeln.

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Passive Direct Box. The most basic definitions of the two different kinds of DI boxes are likely what you'd expect: passive does not have active electronics and therefore does not require an external power source. In contrast, active boxes do have active electronics, which are …

Direct Boxes - What They Do, Why They're Needed, and Why ...

Jul 12, 2018· Other Types of DI Boxes. Active and passive are the two primary types. There are sub-types such as multimedia, digital, re-amp, and amp DIs. It's all about the type of signal they take in and what they do with it – or what they need to do with it. For example, the Radial ProAV1 converts different types of stereo inputs, including RCA and 3 ...

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Active Versus Passive DI Box The DI box (for direct injection or direct input), also known as a direct box, is a device who's main basic function is to convert the unbalanced high-impedance output of an instrument's signal into a balanced low impedance one, which in turn allows longer cable runs without adding noise, among other benefits.

Active vs. Passive DI Boxes: What's the Difference?

Aug 17, 2020· Passive DI boxes increase saturation. A passive DI box is a transformer, which allows it to create a saturated sound under the power of high-output audio. If you're using a direct input with a powerful signal—such as a bass with active pickups or a powerful electronic keyboard—a passive DI box can take that high-input impedance and turn it ...

The Best DI Box for Electric Guitar - Top 5 Picks

Jun 19, 2018· DI boxes come in a variety of designs, from barebones, passive units at the lower end of the price scale to sophisticated, active devices with a plethora of features at the other end. These devices are used for a variety of specific tasks and applications, from matching levels and impedance bridging, to reducing noise and distortion, and ...

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Sep 01, 2016· I do carry a passive Horizon Straightline DI (admittedly not a fair fight with the Radial) *just in case*, but I pretty much always default to the active J48. I personally don't really get on with the Swiss Army do-it-all units and I don't like for my DI to have tone shaping capabilities, as I prefer to use discrete components.

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Jan 19, 2008· With and active bass (EBMM) are you using an active or passive DI box? (FWIW, I'm considering the Radial Pro DI. Basic, passive DI box.) I look forward to your input. Thank you. Buzz 2004 Sterling 4 H 2006 Stingray 4 HH. 01-14-2008, 07:43 AM #2. phat5. View Profile View Forum Posts

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The active DI has a built-in buffer or unity gain amplifier that deliver a stronger signal than the passive counterpart. The benefit with a passive direct box is the simplicity of not having to worry about local power, of course isolation and extreme signal handling.

Q. Is there any point in DI-ing keyboards?

Personally, I would never connect anyone else's (untested) keyboards to a line input without a line‑isolating transformer in the way, and 99.5 percent of the time I would use a DI box (active or passive, depending on the situation) and go via a mic input.

What is the Difference Between a Passive and an Active DI Box?

Active DI boxes usually have input impedance between 1-10M Ω. On the other hand, passive DI boxes have an input impedance an order of magnitude lower than that of active direct boxes. This is simply because an active circuit can be designed to offer a much higher input impedance than a passive …

What is the Difference Between an Active and a Passive DI Box?

Apr 11, 2016· The most obvious difference is that passive DI boxes don't need to be powered. Active DI boxes require a power source, usually batteries or phantom power over an XLR jack. But the differences go deeper than that. Passive DI boxes …

Active or Passive DI? | TalkBass.com

Jan 26, 2014· Hi all, I need to get a DI Box and have read the general concensus that it's Active DI for Passive Basses and Passive DI for Active Basses. The problem is I use both Active and Passive Basses on the same gig, so which is the best one to go for, Active or Passive DI?

Passive and Active Direct Boxes : How They Should Be Used ...

Jul 01, 2008· Passive and Active Direct Boxes : How They Should Be Used. A DI unit, DI box, Direct Box or simply DI is an electronic device that connects a high impedance line level signal that has an unbalanced output (a.ka. a piece of equipment) to a low impedance mic level balanced input, usually via XLR connector. DIs are frequently used to connect an ...

The DI Box - What is it? Why Do I Need One?

Mar 01, 2016· Passive DIs are ideal for instruments with strong outputs, and both their low cost and durability make them the most popular kind of direct box. Active DIs. The biggest difference between an active DI and a passive DI is that an active DI includes a preamplifier.

The 10 Best DI/Direct Boxes 2021 | Consordini

Jan 12, 2021· DI boxes also come in passive and active versions. Active DI's naturally need some kind of power source. This could be a battery, power supply or even +48 phantom power. Active DI's contain a preamplifier which, along with offering more headroom, means that you needn't worry about signal loss in situations where you're running long ...

DI/Direct Boxes: The Ultimate Guide for Stage and Studio

Passive DI's typically have far more headroom than active DI's, and can therefore handle hotter signals without overloading. If and when they DO overload, passive DI's produce a pleasant "saturating" distortion, while active DI's have a much harsher sound, similar to digital clipping.

11 Best DI Boxes for Bass & Guitar (2020) | Heavy.com

Jun 27, 2020· The major downside of passive DI boxes is that they can load low-output passive pickups. This includes the single-coils on just about every …

Best DI Box for Acoustic Guitar [Most Trusted Guide]

Aug 01, 2018· The most basic difference between DI boxes is that an active DI requires power to work, a passive DI doesn't. The active DIs use either a battery, or can be powered by phantom power or an external power supply. But the main difference is that an active DI box can act as a preamp for a low-impedance sound source, such as microphone or a ...

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May 11, 2020· Hi, I am a little confused about di boxes I have both active and passive basses and would like to buy a di box will an active work with both ? The box I am looking at is the MXR M 80 I just need to go and test one, any advice and recommendations would be much appreciated, I know I will need to make the final choice basses on the sound.

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Active direct boxes (as opposed to passive) contain a preamp and are usually more tonally versatile, although they require a power source. Many direct boxes have a "pass-through" feature in the form of a second ¼" jack that delivers an input signal to an amplifier; allowing the DI box to be inserted into the signal path without ...

DI boxes part 2: Active vs. Passive - YouTube

In this second video on DI boxes we look at the differences between active and passive DI boxes - technology, construction and most importantly application. ...

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