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[Updated June 12] Earn Rewards in Return to ... - …

11-05-2019· This event will be available until June 10, 2019 at 10:59 AM PDT / 1:59 PM EDT / 7:59 AM CEST / 3:59 AM AEST June 11). An Adventure Microsite Gift Box will immediately be given to your in-game MapleStory account upon clicking the button, and you'll receive an additional Gift Box with new prizes on June 12! Adventure Microsite Gift Box.

Maplestory | How to get Taotie Pet | iTzDarkVoid

10-12-2019· Maplestory | How to get Taotie Pet. As part of Hoyoung 's debut into Maplestory, players can currently receive a free Taotie Pet by redeeming the coupon code: Unsealme2gaingreatpowers in the cash shop from Maplestory's twitter code puzzle.

Burning World Event | MapleStory

16-07-2020· Burning World. Wednesday, July 22, 2020 (End of Maintenance) - Thursday, September 17, 2020 (Start of Maintenance) Burning World is a special world with special rules that will exist only for the duration of the Burning World event, filled with boosts to make it easier than ever to level up fast. While on Burning World, all characters will gain ...

Root Abyss | MapleWiki | Fandom

Root Abyss Daily Quest. Level 125. [Root Abyss] Gnarled Wooden Key. Level 125. [Root Abyss] Chaos Von Bon Crusher. Level 180. [Root Abyss] Chaos Pierre Crusher. Level 180. [Root Abyss] Chaos Crimson Queen Crusher.

MapleStorySEA - Hotel Maple

MapleStorySEA NEO Update! Devour into darkness with new class Kaine, discover new areas, NEO Events and many more!

[Updated June 12] Earn Rewards in Return to ... - MapleStory

11-05-2019· This event will be available until June 10, 2019 at 10:59 AM PDT / 1:59 PM EDT / 7:59 AM CEST / 3:59 AM AEST June 11). An Adventure Microsite Gift Box will immediately be given to your in-game MapleStory account upon clicking the button, and you'll receive an additional Gift Box with new prizes on June 12! Adventure Microsite Gift Box.

KMS ver. 1.2.334 – MapleStory's 17th Anniversary: Part 2 ...

20-05-2020· MapleStory 17th Anniversary (Hotel Maple) Enjoy the special hunting service provided only for warriors with VIP Membership Prestige rank, Special Therapy. On the rooftop, Goldrich Junior has prepared a new minigame, Monster Pyramid. Hunting Maps Efficiency Improvements. Certain maps in Maple World will have more monsters spawn/monsters spawn ...

Afterlands Guide - The Fast Way - Official MapleStory …

The first one is for you to loot up to 29 items. The items do not disappear if you quit out of completing the mission. Cycle through the lands until there is another loot mission for you to get the last remaining item. If you're quick enough, this will guarentee you winning control over the day). Move to next area.

Fast Profession Skills Guide 2020 - MapleStory Reboot ...

In MapleStory there are 5 Professions, Herbalism, Mining, Smithing, Accessory Crafting, and Alchemy. In Reboot you can and should learn them all as they usually require each other to do things. Go to Ardentmill and talk to everyone on the bottom floor. Herbalism allows you to Harvest those flowers and Herbs that you see on your maps sometimes.


07-04-2020· Lv. 30 Equipment Box x1 Lv. 60 Equipment Box x1 Legendary Secret Box x1; The Nominee will receive rewards based on the number of nominations received from other players. 1st Nomination Reward: Popular Character Gift Box ↪Inter-account ↪Available until 3rd June 2020

[Updated January 27] v.219 - MapleStory

16-12-2020· Upon accepting the quest, you are to defeat 200 monsters near your level (20 levels below and 20 levels above). Once you complete the quest, you'll receive the rewards! You can complete this quest 3 times a day per character. Spiegelmann's Lucky Boxes. UTC: January 27 at 1 2:00 AM - February 9 at 11:59 PM.

Merry Mapledays Events! | MapleStory

21-12-2020· Join us on the Christmas weekend with a set of special events! Decorate the tree, claim special outfits, take a ride in Santa's Sleigh, and much more for this weekend only! Merry Mapledays. PST (UTC -8): Wednesday, December 23, 2020 4:00 PM - Sunday, December 27, 2020 3:59 PM. CET (UTC +1): Thursday, December 24, 2020 1:00 AM - Monday, December ...

The Maple Box

money-back guarantee. To make subscribing to The Maple Box easy, we offer a money-back guarantee to every subscriber on their first box. After you receive your first box, if you're not completely satisfied, email us at [email protected] or call 1-888-655-0633 for a full refund. Pick my Maple box.

Merry Mapledays Event Hidden Mission : Maplestory

It's been 2 months since I last made a post regarding the lack of disclosure on RNG rates, such as cubing, scrolling, familiars, and circulators.. Since then, compensation has come and gone, and we're still left waiting for any of these rates to be disclosed as KMS has done.. Yesterday they posted a memo regarding wanting to "improve communication".


23-04-2020· 23 Apr 2020 Newtro Accessory Miracle Time Dear Maplers, A Pixel of Miracle makes all the difference! Enjoy enhanced Potential Tier Up chance for your Accessories with Newtro Accessory Miracle Time! Date: Saturday, 25th April 2020. Time: 2000hrs ~ 2159hrs (GMT +8) All cubes listed in the above image are affected by Miracle Time rates up till the listed Highest Obtainable Tier

KMS ver. 1.2.341 – MapleStory NEO: Signal! | Orange ...

17-12-2020· KMS ver. 1.2.341 – MapleStory NEO: Signal! The first patch of the winter update, MapleStory NEO, has been released! Titled Signal, this patch contains the new level 260 area Cernium as well as various growth changes and the level cap increased to level 300!

Not finding Maplemas Tree Ornaments - Official …

27-12-2020· December 2020 edited December 2020 in Bug Reporting I'm not finding Maplemas Tree Ornaments. I found them just fine the first few days, but today--which I believe is the last day for the event--I'm not finding any.

MapleStory M: Everything You Need To Know About The …

Gift Box Event: From May 27 to June 10, 2021, players can collect keys dropped through hunting to unlock a Maple Gift Box from their Event Tab. If the user is able to unlock and open all 10 Maple Gift Boxes, they can obtain a Special Gift Box.

Pet | MapleWiki | Fandom

A pet is an item that follows Maplers and responds to commands. It can be purchased from the Cash Shop. Despite being unable to attack monsters, pets can equip skills and upgradeable items to help their owners. Pets are brought to life by a wandering magician Cloy, who sprinkles the Water of...

[Update Feb 3 2021] Maple Guides | MapleStory

26-08-2020· Aug 26, 2020. [Update Feb 3 2021] Maple Guides. [Update February 3, 2021] 3 new Maple Guides have been added: Arcane River Special Content, Guilds and Alliances, and Transfer Hammer. There's a lot of special nuances and details about MapleStory, and the new Maple Guides are here to help give you quick courses on all sorts of subjects, including ...


07-04-2020· 07 Apr 2020 Newtro Time Event Notes (v194) Dear Maplers, When you mix new & old together, you get an instant classic. Let's enjoy more events to celebrate MapleStorySEA's 15th Anniversary with a popular selection of events along with new events~!

Zakum | MapleWiki | Fandom

Zakum was a spirit sealed in a tree deep in the mines of El Nath. A mining town that once existed nearby eventually discovered this tree. At the time, Zakum was a peaceful monster that had no enemies, but the greed of the miners corrupted it. As the spirit was corrupted, it grew smarter, and...

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