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09-02-2021· Tamer must have the [Level-up Gift Box [Jumping Tamer]] item to receive the quest [White-bearded Guru's Guide 1] - Level up to Tamer level 60 using all of received [EXP Ruby [Tamer] R2] 5 ea, and Jumping will be completed. - Receive the quest [White-bearded Guru's Guide 2] after completing the quest [White-bearded Guru's Guide 1], with Tamer ...

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28-12-2016· 31 minutes later, your digimon should be at around level 29-33, and your tamer level around level 20. You don't need to buy disks and foods because the are Chocolates from the Gift Box. Use it to heal your digimon and tamer, save your money. Don't be lazy to pickup loot from enemy digimon, because you need that for money to go into the next phase.

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21-05-2019· 5. Jumping Tamer Level-up Gift Box (Given after completion of Tutorial) ※ Please be aware that you cannot receive [Jumping Tamer Level-up Gift Box] when you skip the Tutorial. ※ All event reward items are character bound. #07. Return of the Tamers! Period: After maintenance of 21st May 2019 ~ before maintenance of 18h Jun 2019

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Tamer. A tamer is the human partner to the digimon. In Digimon Masters you take the role of a tamer. There are currently 4 tamers to pick from the start of the game. The Digimon Adventures Tamers are currently avaliable only by drop at File Island Maps, or obtained at certain events. Each tamer has different strengths and weaknessess.

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Adventure Tamer Box. This item allows the exchange of your tamer, can be obtained from Mary (Digimon Arena Reward) with Arena Voucher [Weekly] in DATS Center or Devimon's Crack Reward Box (Normal-4People). Obtainable. 1x Tamer Exchange (Tai) 1x Tamer Exchange (Mimi) 1x Tamer Exchange (Matt) 1x Tamer Exchange (T.K) 1x Tamer Exchange (Hikari)

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25-08-2020· New Tamer Update – Digimon Tamers: Takato, Henry, Rika. 3 Tamer of Digimon Tamers series, Takato, Henry, and Rika have appeared in Digital World. 1. New Tamer: Takato. "A little introverted but an ordinary kid who enjoys playing Digimon card games every day at the playground with friends and drawing the Digimon he imagines.".

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even tamers who deal only 1 damage point are able to get the reward; Reward Details. Damage Ranking 1st : [Santa's Gift Box] x3; All tamers : [Santa's Gift Box] x1; Retrieve Santa's Gifts which have fallen from Rudolph's sled! Tamers are able to get "Rudolph Box…

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28-05-2018· My Tamer Gift box got bugged help pls. Second time posting about it, cause i got no answear. gm if u can help me, i leveled 10 lvls on my tamer and only got gift boxes with lvl6 card monster from my boxes, no inventory slots, no mercenarys, nothing, please help me with this bug. ingame name is: WannaDie. ty. < 1 1 >. Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments.

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[Item gained when Level up Gift Box is used] Tip Level-up gift box will be given to My Mail Box when you reach a certain level. Relevant event item cannot be traded or exchanged. Players can receive a gift box once per account. New player who joined before January 27 can get the gift box after reaching the target level. (Should make a new tamer)

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28-12-2016· HERE WHAT I GET ON LEVEL UP GIFT BOX (item count 1 box have) RANDOM DATA BOX LOW CLASS 5 DIGICLONE A 5 PEPERONI PIZZA 10 MIRACLE FRUIT 2 DIGI AURA 1 DAY MONSTER CARD LV6 5 DIGICORE 5 sorry for the jump booster i forget and lazy to record how many i get if you have new tamer please list here if your reward not same to me thk XD


Aqui teneis la primera cajita del evento que saco y bueno un HBUP nivel 5 o esta mal ya que solo se consigue en DG.Espero que os guste y saludos

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Tamer Gift Box is a box given to all new players who make an account. The box box gives the player items as they increase their tamer level. All items are character bound. Level 2: 1 Warehouse Expansion, 1 Inventory Expansion, 1 Random Data box, 20 Milk Chocolate. Level 3: 1 Warehouse Expansion, 1 Inventory Expansion, 1 Random Data box, 20 Milk ...

To all tamer who wanna know what inside Tamer Lv.1 Gift ...

28-12-2016· well at here i will let all tamer know what inside the box from lv1 to lv41 xd lv1 to lv? i forget already xd 30 milk chocolate hp700 ds300 useable during battle lv1 to lv30 1 random data box each level so you can 30 on it lv1 to lv9 1 inventory expansion each level so you can get 9 on it lv1 to lv29 1 warehouse expansion each level so you can get 29 on it lv5 1 portable scanner / 1 portable ...

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- The Gift Box will be sent to your Gift & Reward item storage, once your Tamer has reached the certain level notified. - Rewards will be expired after 7 days of provision in storage, so please receive it as soon as possible. - The reward items are chracter bound and cannot be traded. - Each Gift Box can be received once per account only.

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Matt is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02. Matt and T.K.'s given names, Yamato and Takeru, are a reference to Yamato Takeru, a figure in Japanese legend. Matt, one of the original DigiDestined, starts out as a secretive loner whose Digimon partner is Gabumon.

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engkau lagi mencari Informasi mengenai Dmo Wiki Tamer, dikau Berada di Website yang Benar karena Baca Baca Baca Baca Berita Dan Komik Mangga disini Membahas mengenai Dmo Wiki Tamer


Aqui teneis la primera cajita del evento que saco y bueno un HBUP nivel 5 o esta mal ya que solo se consigue en DG.Espero que os guste y saludos

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06-05-2020· Tamer must have [Level-up Gift Box [Jumping Tamer] Item to receive the Quest [A help from Agumon] - Complete the Quest of [A help from Agumon] by talking with Agumon and Receive [EXP Ruby [Tamer] R2] 5 ea

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No tamer gift box. Hello there, returning player here but wanted to play in another server. I don't seem to be getting the tamer gift box from the tutorial. I get everything else but the tamer gift box. I'm talking about the one that you can open every level while you level. Any solution? Thanks.

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20-04-2020· iam not from that server, i get sora tamer free random in coliseo box tamer for 2 voucher each one i have almost all adventure tamer except izzy and joe #9 < > Showing 1-9 of 9 comments . Per page: 15 30 50. Digimon Masters Online > General Discussions > Topic Details. Date Posted: Apr ...

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[Novice Gift Box] - The Tamer Lv.1 Gift Box has been changed to [Novice Gift Box]. - You can obtain +1 [Tamer Level Gift Box] for each level and other various rewards when you open [Novice Gift Box]. ※ You can also open the existing "Tamer Lv.29 (or lower level) Gift Box" until [Novice Gift Box] comes out.

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12-05-2020· When Tamer complete the Quest [As a Dats Agent – Digivice and Gift], Reward Item of [Level-up Gift Box [Jumping Tamer] will be given instead of [Level up Gift Box] During the Event period, Agumon will appear near NPC Yushima at the Yokohama Village

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